What legal considerations should I consider when remodeling?

Q: What legal considerations do I need to consider when remodeling?

A: There are quite a few, including those surrounding zoning, permits, variances and building codes. These regulations are how the government controls the physical development of land and public-safety standards for things like building design, construction, alteration, repair or demolition.

Regulations can vary from one state, county, city and town and can result in fines or major consequences. There are also often engineering approvals and requirements related to grading, site drainage, utility connections, wells and septics and sometimes fire regulations.

Another legal consideration involves contractual issues tied to responsibilities for permits and approvals, code and regulations compliance, insurance, financing and warranties. If construction financing is to be provided by a lender, there will often be requirements relative to progress inspections, construction draws, lien waivers, title insurance, holdbacks, etc. It may be worth hiring an attorney to provide guidance on these issues to assure the completeness and fairness of the remodeling contract. 

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