What is a hashtag? #PSPparade

What is a hashtag? (#)

A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #. 

Example:  #BHHSselect

This type of metadata tag is most used with short messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, Tout, identi.ca, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, or Google+.

If you put the hashtag before important words, (as in: #selectstandsout) they will provide a means of grouping such messages. Then one can search for the messages by clicking on the hash tagged word to see how others used it.

It's a really handy skill to learn, as social media becomes one of the primary ways we communicate.


PSP Open House Parade Social Media Promotion

PSP will be heavily advertising our next Open House Parade event to get your listings more exposure. Be sure to alert your admin as to what open house you are holding on these dates.

Then post your listing on social media with the hash tag #PSPparade - this will give PSP and our agents a combined boost on search engines for your listings on our website system.

Finally, ask your friends, clients and open house visitors to share your Open House Parade listing. It just takes a few seconds. Fact: on average every person on Facebook has 34 more reachable friends to get exposure for your listing and get your listing sold!

How do they get involved at the open house?

  • Complete the contact slip we provide (Open House Parade themed sign-in slip)

  • On smartphone go to Facebook and click 'Write Post' or 'Status' button

  • Type #PSPparade then mlsNumber.DiscoverStL.com and click Post

The hashtag will allow us to see who posts #PSPparade and a listing. Two lucky clients will be thanked for helping promote your open house with a $50 gift card! So it may be worth it for them to do these three simple steps!

*Note: The social media promotion is optional.


To help, your admin will supply you with a personalized flyer for your listing that includes an explanation of the promotion to open house visitors.

Also, please be sure to keep your sign in sheets for your open house visitors so you can contact them to thank them for sharing and we can contact two of them to thank them with a gift card.


Questions? Email Helpdesk@DiscoverStL.com


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