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To stay competitive most real estate websites these days allow consumers to see most all information without requiring any form of registration. However some agents have found that they still prefer to have a ‘gatekeeper’ feature on their website to prompt users to register as a lead.

The upside to this is that agents with a gatekeeper turned on may find that they get more registered clients or leads from their website.

The downside is that some consumers may enter in false information in order to use the site or may go back to the web to find another site that does not request them to register.

If a consumer registers on your website using false information it doesn’t mean it is a bad lead. Some people have a standard fake email address that they use to login to websites to use the features that only come with registration. If you find that you have a ‘fake’ lead logging back in to save favorites and use your website’s great features, you can post them a message to see the next time they log in by editing the Pop-Up Message section found in the top right client options after clicking on the client from your website contact list.

If you would like to turn on and use the gatekeeper feature on your website, here is how:

  • From the backdoor login area of your site click the Website tab
  • then click Additional Options from the blue bar
  • Under the section Additional Website Options click the dropdown to the right of ‘Require Login To View Listing Details’ to find your gatekeeper options. There are many options you can choose from. (note: if you leave the Inherit value from Company option chosen it defaults to no gatekeeper or Disabled)

One exception where registration is required on all St. Louis area real estate company websites is that consumers must register to view Sold Properties. This is a requirement that St. Louis real estate companies must adhere to per MARIS rules.

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