Unique, historic Jim Meiners cabin for sale at 13360 Old Halls Ferry

At first glance, the house at 13360 Old Halls Ferry may appear to be newer construction. But take a closer look and you'll definitely be surprised! What you’ll find is actually TWO 1840s log cabins that were masterfully combined by urban archaeologist Jim Meiners to create one amazing modern home! If you’ve been to the City Museum, you’ve probably seen Meiners’ collection of artifacts found in old privies. Antique bottles, pipes, etc – all dug from beneath former outhouses.

Well, before Jim was a privy digger, he was passionate about salvaging old building parts and restoring historic houses. And the house at 13360 Old Halls Ferry in Black Jack was his premier labor of love.

This living room is part of the original log cabin that was built on the property in the 1840s.

He restored the original cabin that had been on the property since the 1840s, then a few years later, he decided to salvage a second cabin from Old Monroe, Missouri, and find a way to use it as an addition. Meticulously numbering each log, he rebuilt cabin #2 atop a brand new foundation, creating a one-of-a-kind abode with more than 3000 square feet of finished living space.

The kitchen opens onto a sunroom and an enormous deck overlooking the woods and pool.

The house now has four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Also two separate basements and three staircases, including one with newel posts from the former St. Louis home of General William Tecumseh Sherman!

Nearly all of the floors were milled from walnut trees on the property, and every little detail in the house – from the windows and doors to the locks and hinges – is authentically 19th-century, salvaged from an old building somewhere. When I say you have never seen anything like this, I mean it! This is truly an original work of art, designed by a master craftsman with a visionary spirit, and you will never find its equal!

To comply with Black Jack ordinances, the pool was recently surrounded with an attractive metal fence. 

Come explore this awesome 7-acre property at the AGENT OPEN HOUSE, Wednesday, April 9, from noon to 2 p.m. Lunch will be served, and there's a raffle prize too! Hope to see you there!

The property spans more than 7 acres and extends to the tree line in the back. There are trails for hiking and a small creek.

For more information and photos of the property, click here

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