Top Reasons to Move to St. Louis from Prudential Select Properties St. Louis


If you are looking into moving to one of America’s greatest cities, then St. Louis should be on the top of your list.  Home of the Gateway Arch, and good old fashioned midwestern charm and spirit, St. Louis is a great spot for young and old alike.

1.St. Louis is great for young professionals.

Populated with rich culture and thriving with new industry, St. Louis is a great place for young professionals just starting out.  The city has a thriving nightlife, great for young singles looking to mingle and network.

If the nightlife is not for you, there are plenty of trendy cafes and places to go to get work done on the weekends.  Filled with opportunity for professional growth and advancement, St. Louis is the perfect place to get your career started.

2. St. Louis is a great location central location

If you are looking for a city that is easy to traverse, then St. Louis is for you.  Everywhere you want or need to go is with in a 20-minute drive.  This makes every thing from weekend shopping to daily work commute times reasonable and making the city more assessable. 

Not only are places with in St. Louis easy to get to, but also the city itself is in a great location. Located in the heart of the Midwest St. Louis is a central hub for cities all over the rest of the United states.  Any city you would like to get to is only a plane, bus or train ride away.

3.Plenty of things to do for the whole family

St. Louis is one of those cities where there is something for everyone to do.  If you like culture and music St. Louis is renown for their deep musical past and leading art centers and museums.  Drenched in ethnic and cultural diversity, the city is filled with international festivals and fairs, every foodies dream. 

If you are a sports fan then St. Louis is the place for you. Voted one of the top sport cities in the United States, St. Louis is a great place to see your favorite teams play.  There is nothing better than packing up the car and tailgating it at a football or baseball game, and St. Louis really captures this great American tradition.  St. Louis is also home to the world famous Cardinals baseball team.

If you are more of an outdoorsy person the St. Louis will easily meet your nature needs.  With everything from hiking trails and parks to ice rinks and campsites, St. Louis has something for the whole family.

If you are interesting in moving to St. Louis or have questions about the city itself, Prudential Select Properties St. Louis is here to help you find the house of your dreams.  Don’t miss out on this great American Classic, come to St. Louis and experience its charm for yourself.  

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