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The Nook – Tower Grove South By Jennifer Guffey

Tower Grove South, how I love thee.  Apparently everyone else does too.  There are a few pockets of our fair city that are on the “Hot List” right now and TGS is one of them.  Why are people flocking to this neighborhood? Let’s start with bustling Grand Avenue that is home to a wide array of ethnic and vegan friendly restaurants (see our favorite list below), the adorable boutique shops, and serves as a melting pot for the dwellers.  Let’s not forget the beautiful park that hosts arguably the BEST Farmer’s Market and FREE yoga.  No wonder RFT voted it Best Places to Live in 2012. 

Over the last decade there has been a ton of revitalization taking this transition neighborhood into a stable community able to hold property values up to $482,000.  Check out the stats below on how the market and see the major uptick since 2012. Over the last 12 months 153 homes have sold in TGS with an median sales price of $178,500 and an average price per square foot of $107.93.  There are currently 9 homes listed (we have a shortage! Supply and demand is off and driving those averages up.).  As an REALTOR® and urban dweller myself, it makes me squeal with delight the amount of faith people are putting into their businesses and homes here.  To ice the cake they are seeing a fantastic rate of return on their investment.

Check out the list of homes available in TGS HERE

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