Technology Marketing Plan


It’s early January 2012 and in real estate offices around the country Realtors are kicking off their new year.

What technology strategies will you implement or continue this year to make your real estate business successful?

Here are some tools that stood the test last year and should have a place in your marketing plan.


Your Website:

  • In 2012 PSP is unveiling a better, much simpler, real estate search along with other exciting new website tools. Your website system will continue to provide a contact management system, newsletter/eCard system, seller and market report system, and lead generation, notification by phone and capture system.
  • Make sure you are implementing the above technology in your plan for 2012. If you are unsure how a particular website technology works email for info.
  • To Do: Make sure your current website information and photo are current. Take down old information. And accept any leads still sitting on your site by logging in the Agent Login area and clicking the Clients button. (yes, there are people who aren’t accepting their website leads!)

Other Website Presence:

  • PSP uses IDX to push your listings to dozens of websites (full list available on Resource Center flyer). Be sure to tout your listings’ internet exposure to your sellers.
  • In 2012 PSP will continue to invest in Trulia, Zillow and presence for your listings.
  • To Do: Be sure that you have gone to Trulia and Zillow and filled out your own agent profile on these sites. (More info about completing your Trulia and Zillow profiles available under the brown Help button on the Resource Center.)

Social Media:

  • 2012 PSP website improvements will include social media sharing badges available on all website home pages and listings!
  • To Do: What are your 2012 social media goals? Put them in writing and refer to them weekly!


    • Set up a strong personal profile. Be sure to promote your listings on Facebook but keep your content 70% personal and 30% real estate. Your friends don’t want to feel like they are constantly being advertised to.
    • To Do: Create an action plan to Network and engage friends/fans, increase Fans and promote page and keep content updated (Facebook info available under brown Help button on the Resource Center).


  • Make sure your profile is set up and complete, participate in questions and discussions, and connect your profile to your other social media accounts
  • To Do: Request endorsements


  • Make sure your custom background done and compelling. Monitor your tweets to see if your getting reactions
  • To Do: What type of followers do you want? What are your goals? Put them in writing.
  • Note: If you aren’t using Twitter currently and don’t post to facebook often, you probably don’t want to open a Twitter account that will sit unused.


  • Consider a video strategy for 2012 including creating your own YouTube Channel. (go to Resource Center and click brown Help tab for info)
  • To Do: Create a list of videos you need to create. Hire or put a plan to learn how to put in place.


  • Create a plan to post regularly ( is what PSP recommends but there are many blog sites to choose from).
  • Don’t forget to use Keywords/Tagging/Categorizing on posts
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