Summertime Home Staging Tips For St. Louis Home Sellers

Summertime can be a successful time to sell your home in St. Louis.  The agents of St. Louis Prudential Select Properties can provide helpful information to effectively stage and prepare your home for sale.  There is several advantages of selling your home in the late summer.  The beautiful late summer St. Louis days may encourage potential buyers to get out and check out open houses.

While summer days are longer, home sellers may have more of an opportunity to showcase the beauty of homes with natural lighting.  It is recommended that home sellers open windows and blinds to brighten up your home.  Also, it is a great idea to consider scheduling a professional window cleaning, both inside and out.  Prospective home-buyers will notice grimy windows and screens. 

Make the most of extra outdoor features such as pools and water features.  Ensure that they areas are free and clear of debris.  Choose stylish outdoor furniture, which will encourage potential buyers to picture themselves enjoying the area.  Power washing is also encouraged for pool areas.  Gardens, a great opportunity to add additional beauty to the outdoor areas of your home, can impact a potential buyers impression of the home.  St. Louis home sellers should also be aware of any mildew, especially during the humid summer season and remove it with a mild bleach and water solution and scrub brush.

Flowers and a neatly trimmed lawn can go a long way in attracting potential buyers.  The front door of your home is the visitor’s first impression, ensure that the door and handle have been scrubbed and clean looking.  Fresh cut flowers inside the home add an elegant personal touch and liven up any area of the home.

Classical music, which is soothing and calming can be played softly in the living area of the home.  Smells and odors can turn off a potential buyer quickly.  You may consider investing in a light air freshener in a summer-fresh scent such as Lavender, Vanilla or Lemongrass. Bathrooms can have a huge impact on a potential buyer – check to make sure that all areas are thoroughly clean and that caulk has been freshly replaced.  Check that no faucets have a drip and that toilets are running normally. 

Finally, consult your St. Louis Prudential Select agent if you have any questions about home presentation during the sales process.  The agents are experts and can give you sound advice which will jump start the sales process.  Contact an agent today at St. Louis Prudential Select Properties.

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