St. Louis filled with haunted history

There are plenty of fun, family-friendly Halloween attractions throughout St. Louis. Throughout the fall there are events going on at Grant’s Farm, Six Flags the Magic House and the St. Louis Zoo. For older kids and adults, there’s a plethora of haunted houses to get your thrills at.

But there’s also some legitimately creepy history throughout the city that should be fascinating to history buffs and chill-seekers alike.

This morning the Riverfront Times profiled David Riordan, a St. Louis cab driver who gives tours through Laclede’s Landing and tells some of the city’s most frightening stories. Riordan starts the tour at Morgan Street Brewery and moves to Clamorgan Alley, where bodies were stacked during an 1849 cholera outbreak. Throughout the tour he covers the Great St. Louis fire, Bloody island and the Exorcism at St. Louis University’s Alexian Brothers Hospital (which just this week made headlines as a panel was hosted at SLU for the 40th anniversary of the movie the event inspired). 

Another popular area attraction with some haunted history is the Lemp Mansion, which is regularly ranked among the 10-most haunted places in the country. John Adam Lemp was an immigrant who arrived in St. Louis in 1838 and the family spawned one of America’s first large beer breweries. Tragedy eventually besieged the family as two members committed suicide and two others died under strange circumstances as their empire crumbled. The family mansion is now a restaurant and hotel and guests can take a tour of the house with infrared cameras to try to track paranormal activity. 

Powell Symphony Hall in Midtown St. Louis is yet another popular St. Louis landmark for ghosthunters.  The beautiful building was actually even investigated by the St. Louis Ghost Hunters Society and they recorded several instances of odd, unexplained activity such as doors opening and closing by themselves and mysterious voices filling the air. 

These are just a few examples of the kind of interesting, bizarre and scary history that can be found throughout St. Louis. Real or not, these kinds of stories certainly add some character to our city and can be entertaining to look into this time of year. 

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