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These days it is national news when a blog system is purchased. For example it was recently announced that Yahoo! has purchased the popular blog site Tumblr. This is because of the power of blogging and content creation. Because how else in the twenty-first century will you find the latest information on technology updates, wedding ideas, celebrity gossip and silly cat pictures if someone isn’t creating that content and putting it online?

So how does Prudential Select Properties come up with great content for our agents to share on social media and for newswires to pick up on press releases? We like to focus on the area we serve, so we look at our own community. We Want YOUSince the PSP Marketing Department works out of one central office, we are increasingly looking to our ten real estate offices spread throughout St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and Lincoln County to give us updates on what is going on close to them. Basically, this means we want YOU to tell us more!

What kind of information is PSP looking for, you ask? We want to know about YOU, you’re experiences in real estate, how it effects your life, how it effects the lives of the buyers and sellers you help each day. We’d like to see what you are doing with your flexible schedule when you aren’t doing real estate – after all real estate is one of the few jobs that allows for a more flexible schedule.

  • Was there a parade in your town? Email us the pictures!
  • Was the weather especially amazing? Send us a snapshot!
  • Take a picture of your smiling clients at the closing table.
  • Get a picture of your kids making silly faces while standing next to your For Sale sign.
  • Take a short video of yourself getting ready to go on a listing presentation.
  • Make a fun video at an open house.
  • Ask your kids to come up with and perform a cheer about real estate or PSP.
  • Still not sure what to do? Ask yourself who, what, when and where about any real estate topic and fill in the blanks!

Prudential Select Properties is even considering a contest for submitting blogs, pictures and videos to the Marketing Department. We would like to honor those who submit the most content, the funniest content, the best local content and the best real estate content. In addition to having your content posted on PSP social media sites and sent to our PR company for press release, how else would you like to be rewarded for these submissions? Comment below and let us know! phone horizontal

We would like to make ONE SUGGESTION for your submissions:TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS HORIZONTALLY (OR IN LANDSCAPE VIEW). Videos and photos are viewed much better on a screen when they are taken horizontally instead of vertically (or portrait view). After all, our eyeballs sit to the left and right of each other horizontally, not on top of each other vertically.

Now get out there and have fun with your phone, your camera, your flip video, your blogging, your dance productions or whatever it might be! Then email it to Thanks!

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