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You can share almost any webpage on social networks. Sharing webpages on social networks is as easy as copying and pasting the page address. Prudential Select Properties’ agents could post their Summer In St. Louis page, the Tax Free Holiday page, the One Tank Road trips page, the Rooftop Patios & Dining Page or another page and give social network friends great information while directing them back to their website.

To share one of your website pages on a social network:

Pull up your website and find a page you want to share

1a. PSP sites have great informative pages under Community
1b. Click Tax Free Weekend if you want to pull up and share that page

2. Once on the page you want, go to the very top of the screen. In the long white address bar click and drag your mouse across the address to highlight it.

3. Now right-click on the highlighted address and left-click on the word Copy from the drop down menu that appears.

4. Next pull up the social network where you want to share the page (facebook, linkedIn, Google+, etc)

5. Click in the box where you type a post and type in something about the page you are sharing (ex. Great info!)

6. After you type in something, right-click at the end of what you typed and then left-click on the word Paste from the dropdown

7. Finally click the space bar or enter button and wait for the link to the page to appear as an image.

8. Once you can see the page link as a little object, press Post button

*You can do this same process for any page you find online. Find a great article about real estate? Copy the address of the page and paste that address into a post on your social network.

To share ANY active listing by ANY agent:

Prudential Select Properties agents can share any listing on social networks easily including other agent’s listings for whom you are holding an open house.

1. Just type in the mls number of the listing followed by a period then your website address.

  • For example Susan Dempsey could share Kim Anderson’s listing by typing in into her status update. This will pull up Kim’s listing on Susan’s website.

2. Be sure to type in a space or click the Enter key after you type in the address and wait for the image to appear before sharing the post 

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