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Creating a page that lists the search results of your choice can be used several ways:

  • You can work the area that you farm by creating a saved search page that caters to that farm area. For example you could create a page for Des Peres that lists all the homes for sale in Des Peres and send an email to you Des Peres buyers with a link directly to that page. They can click that link or go to that page any time to see the latest homes for sale in Des Peres.
  • Or with the new sold search features you could create a list of all the homes that have sold in specific neighborhood or area and direct people thinking about selling their home in that area to that page to see the list of homes that have sold near them. (Note: sold searches go back two years.)
  • You may find your own way to use this feature to assist your clients and generate business.

How to create a saved search page that lists the results of the search of your choice:

  1. From the backdoor of your site click the Website tab then Searches from the blue bar
  2. Click Create New Page Search button at upper right
  3. Edit the advanced search to include the area, price range, etc that you want
  4. Then in the Search Name field give the search a name and click the Next Step button 
  5. On the next screen edit your search to choose the options you want then click Save Selection button at upper right 
  6. Now that you’ve created the search click Site Pages from the blue bar at top to add the search to a page on your site
  7. On the Site Pages screen click Add New button at the upper right
  8. Follow these steps to create the new page:
    a. name the page
    b. click the Active checkbox (to make the page live on your website)
    c. click the Subcategory Of: dropdown and choose the section of your site where you want the page to appear
    d. click the brown Page Options tab and a drop down will appear
    e. click the drop down next to Search: and choose the save search you created
    f. click the Save Changes button
  9. Now go to your website and checkout the page you added!


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