Saint Louis Conducts 2012 Year-End Survey Among Employees, Determines Essential Items To Consider While Buying a Home

Prudential Select Properties – Saint Louis recently conducted its 2012 year-end review. Housing sales appear to be on the increase. Every house has a story and every sale of a house equally has its own story. Prudential Select Properties employees shared those stories and determined essential things buyers should consider while buying a home.

Prudential Select Properties representatives unanimously said, “Ask us questions”. While realtors love to talk about their homes, a buyer who does their homework and probes the sellers for more information, will come away much more satisfied at the end of their buying experience.

Buyers who do their homework on St Louis and St Charles real estate should investigate details on the house: ask for utility bills, ask for several years worth of tax bills, and determine if the house has been re-appraised. Newspaper archives and city hall records are essential resources for buyers and will help create an accurate portrait of the house’s past and what you can expect to pay.

After seeing dozens of houses, when a buyer finally discovers a house they are drawn to, it’s easy to let emotions take over. When this happens, the checklist seems to go out the proverbial window. Don’t let this happen. Visit the house multiple times and during various times of day. Buyers may have just missed the noise from the nearby airport or train station, or they don’t initially realize how bad the smell is from the nearby factory or farm. Talk with neighbors: not only will the buyers get a feel for who they will be living next to but will hopefully get the straight dope about the house they are considering moving into.

While researching St Louis homes for sale, it is advised to know the house inside and out. Know the neighborhood and its zone because both will affect the property value. Get a house inspection. Buyers should trust their instincts when it comes to issues like bug damage or feeling if the basement is prone to flooding. Keep emotions in check: sure it has a garage and pool, but will its upkeep be more trouble than it’s worth?

As proven experts in St. Louis county real estate, a Prudential Select Properties realtor can help find the right home. To attend Saint Louis open houses or broaden a search to include other neighborhoods in the area, contact a local Prudential Select Properties realtor to provide a wide selection of home buying options.

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