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Recently someone asked me, “If you could name five things that everyone should do with their real estate website, what would they be?” I was not able to come up with these items on the spot as there are so many things one can do with the Prudential Select Properties website system. So I told her I would get back with her and came up with a list. I’d like to share that list with you.

  1. Add your picture
    Don’t just add it to your real estate website, make sure it is uploaded to all your social networks too (including, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc)
    Do this from your PSP website by logging in the back door and then clicking the My Profile tab or click here for video instructions.
  2. Make sure instant acceptance text &/or email alerts are turned on
    You want to make sure that you have updated your preferred settings for if and how you are notified about activity on your PSP website.

    Do this from your PSP website back door via the My Profile tab/Notifications button. (click here for step-by-step instructions)
    A popup window appears when you log in the backdoor of your website to show you any new leads. To address these leads: click on one in the popup window after you log in the backdoor, at the top left of the next screen change their status from New to Active and Save (this will keep the client from appearing in the new leads popup window when you log in), then see what the client was looking at and call or email them to address that you are cognizant of their activity and available to help. Click here for more detailed information.
    The emails showing new home on the market are the types of emails that bring clients back to your site more than any other type of email. This is a MUST for every client looking for homes on your website. For instructions follow steps 4 – 5 here.
  5. Share info from your website on social media
    When using social media share links to pages and listings on your website so that people can click through to your website. Your site continually has great seasonal things to share such as St. Louis holiday events, St. Louis area wineries, 1 Hour Road Trips from St. Louis, Arts & Crafts Fairs. *But remember, people don’t want to be spammed on social networks so keep your real estate comments to about 30% of all your comments and be sure to like others’ posts and keep engaged with this great online SOI! Need instructions to share web pages on social media? Click here.

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