Real Estate Contact and Task Management

Contact Management

Managing contacts can be difficult. Real estate agents have multiple systems on which to to keep contact lists including email systems, website systems, MARIS, your phone, Excel and more. Often I am asked, "which is the BEST one to use?" The answer is not simple, as it is a combination of several things.

I recommend keeping a master list in one location that is sortable and printable - preferably in Excel. Contact lists in Excel can be uploaded to almost any email program and also real estate websites and programs that send eCards, postcards, emails, etc. If something happens to that website or program you always have your backup list in Excel.

Next, I recommend using your PSP Website. It offers many contact management features including: client/lead capture, client/lead tracking, client/lead follow-up tools, grouping contacts, emailing groups, letter library, contact list sorting features, contact list reporting features, time-stamped client/lead notes, client correspondence sent through system is saved for later reference, send things at a future date and even client/lead task management features (see below). 

In addition your PSP website offers: personal marketing features, personal branding, QR Code creation for listings, personal flyers, ecards, newsletters, sellers edge, market watch, auto-prospecting (the number one thing that brings buyers back to your website), open house sign-in app, social media sharing features and more. 

You can even export your website contact list as an Excel spreadsheet to save to your personal computer any time you want (so there is your backup list)!



Task Management

One of the features I mention above is the Task Management feature on the PSP website system. It is often overlooks because there is no button that says "Create Task". Instead, like the Image Library, the button is an icon that looks like a little calendar with a plus sign on it. It is located at the top of the screen after you click on a client.


How to use the Task Management Feature for a Specific Client

Let's say you spoke to someone at an open house and want to schedule a future phone call to follow up with the client in 10 days, or that you've told a seller that you will hold an open house on a certain date. Here is how to schedule using the task manager on your website: 

1. From the RealOMS Login area (backdoor) of your website, click Contacts tab then click My Contacts from the blue bar

2. Next click on the name of the contact

3. Click the Task Management icon at the top of the screen


4. A pop-up window will appear, add the info you want and click Save Task button when complete


A reminder will be emailed to you!


How to access the Task Management Feature for General Purposes

But I want to create a task for myself, not for a specific client you say?

1. From the RealOMS Login (backdoor) of your PSP website click on Task Manager tab

2. Click on a date

3. Double click on a time to add the task and click Save - You will be emailed a reminder based on when you chose to be alerted


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