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The Prudential Select Properties website has great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features for you to manage your real estate contacts including: add, import, export, search, sort, print, group, email, send auto-prospecting and other personally branded marketing. Below are some tips on making the most of the My Contacts screen (under Contacts tab) portion of the website CRM.  

I have all my contacts in Maris, you say? Well, that's good, but what you are missing there are the free email marketing materials, better branding of your website, and exclusive details on what your clients are clicking on from the emails you send. So your website still has some advantages over Maris when it comes to customer relationship management.


Here are some features of the My Contacts page on the backdoor of your website:

To get to the My Contacts page, login the 'back door' of your website by click the RealOMS Login at the bottom right of your live website next click the Contacts tab then My Contacts from the blue bar.


The screenshot below shows how you can search through the contacts on the My Contacts screen, print the list or export it to Excel and find out if/why an email address isn't getting emails from your website.



The below images show how you can sort the contacts on the My Contacts screen in a way that you prefer to view and how to edit the columns to show the information you prefer to see.



So you can see that the My Contacts page of your website has a lot of great features for managing your contacts!


Below are some links to more information on other great CRM features of your website.

Group contacts and/or email groups:

Get notifications when your clients use your website:

Address buyer leads including setting up auto-prospecting from your website:


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