PSP Website Blog Now Has Subscription Feature

The Website Blog Now Has a Subscription Feature!

Your friends and clients can now subscribe to your website blog! All they have to do is click the Subscribe to Blog Button at the top left of the Blog page of your website.
The system will send any subscribers an email when a new blog is posted. The title of the blog will become the subject of the email. A portion of the blog post will be in the email message along with a link to read the rest on your website (bringing them back to your site).
Don't remember how to setup the blog page of your website? Click Here.

Here is how it to Subscribe to a PSP Website Blog:
1. Go to the PSP website whose blog you want to subscribe to and click the Blog link at the top of the screen.
2. Then click Subscribe to Blog button

3. A pop up window will appear to fill in name and email address. Then click SIGN ME UP button.

4. A window will appear showing that the subscription is complete. Just click OK.

Not sure what or why to blog? Click Here for information.
Don't forget that a picture and a catchy title are some of the most important things you can add to make your blog more likely to be read.

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