PSP launches Select Leasing & Management


We are excited to announce the launch of Select Leasing & Management! Joe Kelso will serve as the Leasing & Management Director.

This Prudential Select Properties division will offer superior service to both renters and landlords and provide more incentive for clients to lease their home than ever before.

Looking for a property to lease or a dedicated property management specialist who ensures your property is looked after in a professional manner? PSP has what you are looking for.

Our property management services will include move-in inspections with new tenants, rent collection, maintenance requests, move-out inspections and changing and make ready services to make sure the property is cleaned and prepared for new occupancy. 

Leasing services will include a multitude of features that will take clients through the pre-work, marketing, tenant-finding, application and background screening paperwork and final-step processes.

At Prudential Select Properties we understand the needs of property owners and the individuals and companies formed to lease properties. Investors can expect a high level of quality of servcie with the Select Leasing and Management Division.


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