PSP Buyers Tour - Trip Map for Showings

In showing homes to buyers try out the Buyer's Tour feature on the Prudential Select Properties website system. It plots your showing route from home to home. 

A good idea is to print one trip map of the tour for yourself and one for the buyer(s) and when the tour is over put your copy in a folder of copies for real estate records. That way, come tax time, you have a printed record of where you've driven and therefor mileage for home showings. Pretty sweet!


How to Create a Buyers Tour/Trip Map:

1. Login the backdoor of your website A.) click Contacts tab B.) click Buyers Tour on blue bar

2. Type in the name of the buyer. Note: they need to be entered into your contact list before you can create a Buyers Tour.

3. Type in a subject and a message, especially if you plan on printing/emailing the whole trip packet.

4. Type in an address of a home you are to see, click on it from drop down options that appear as you type, then click Add To List button. Repeat until all homes are added.

5. Type in any special notes next to the listings that you want to add.

6. Click Preview and Print button at bottom of screen


7. Below is the next screen that will appear. All you need to do on this screen is scroll down and click link Click Here to Create a Trip Packet.


8. On the next screen type in your office address as your starting location and for the finish location click the checkbox Use My Starting Location.

9. Then click Generate Trip Map button.

10. The trip map will be created. Note: you can drag and drop the homes on the left side of the screen to change the order in which you want to show them and the map will refresh to show the new route.

11. Click Send to Printer at top left and you are done!!! 

***Note: if you click Print Trip Packet it will print a large multi-page document that includes driving instructions to the next listing and flyers for each listing in order of the showings. So don't click it unless that is what you want.

Below is what the final product looks like:

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