Prudential Real Estate Has Been Named the Highest in the Network By J. D. Powers & Associates!

We have some very exciting news to share with all of you out there! We were informed recently that Prudential Real Estate, our national network, has been named the highest in the network by the prestigious J. D. Powers & Associates. This is such a great honor for everyone here at Prudential Select Properties!

The network was ranked the highest for customer satisfaction in 3 out of 4 categories that were included in J. D. Powers’ Annual Home Buyer/ Home Seller Satisfaction Study! Our network was also ranked No. 3 in the Repeat Home Seller category!

The three categories that we ranked the highest included the following:

*Repeat Home Buyer
*First-Time Home Buyer
*First-Time Home Seller

We are also really happy to say that this will now be the 3rd time in 6 years that the Prudential Real Estate network has ranked the highest in seller satisfaction! We have received this honor in 2008, 2010, and now in 2013 as well.

The 6th annual study from J. D. Powers measured customer satisfaction among the largest real estate companies in the entire United States. They gauged lots of different factors that are part of the home-buying experience including the agents of the companies, real estate offices, the closing process, and the variety of additional services that are provided.

J. D. Powers & Associates announced to us that we scored 829 on a 1,000, point scale among repeat home buyers, which is quite a high score! The Prudential Real Estate network performed particularly well in agents, the variety in additional services, and the closing process. Our network also obtained 811 points among first-time home buyers, AND we scored 809 points in the First-Time Home Seller category, receiving strong marks for marketing and for the closing process.

We are all really proud and honored to be given such high marks for the third time in six years from J. D. Powers & Associates! We are also very proud of our agents and their insatiable drive to give our clients their very best every single day!

If you need a trusted real estate network to help you get the house you’ve always dreamed about or to help you sell your home, just call us at Prudential Select Properties at (314) 835-6000 or visit us online at, and we will help you find the home you’ve always wanted and more!

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