Open House Parade eCard

There is now an Open House Parade eCard now available to alert your SOI of our special open house weekend on August 17 and 18!

Here is what it looks like (smaller than actual size). Your picture and information will appear with it when sent.


 Instructions for customizing and sending the Open House Parade eCard:
1. First, login to Maris and find the listing you are going to hold open
2. When the listing detail screen loads, right-click on the main image of the home and choose Save Image As... from pop out options
3. Save the image to your computer somewhere you can find it again
1. Now open your website and login the backdoor (RealOMS Login)
2. Click Contacts tab then Sales Tools from the blue bar
3. Click Send Single Message button
4. Next click Use Campaign Letter button and click on the name Open House Parade
5. Now click on the home picture in the eCard template and then click the tree icon to add the picture of your listing to hold open
6. A pop up window will appear, click the little white box with the red lines to open the image library (at the end of the Image URL field) 
7. When the image library opens click the Files folder at left then click Upload button at top portion of screen, find the picture you saved from Maris and click Open button
8. Once photo is uploaded to Image Library double click the photo and then back on the Image URL screen click Update button - the photo should now appear in place of the one that was on the template.
9. Finally type in the names of the clients or Groups (ex. All Clients) into the To field.
10. When everything looks good click Send Now button.
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