Notifications and Single Use Campaigns

Part 1: Notifications

Are you getting notified of activities on your website? If not, here is the simple way to do so…

1. Login the backdoor of your website
2. Click My Profile
3. Click Notifications in the blue bar
4. Choose what notifications you want and click Save Changes button (pictured)

Part 2: One-Time Campaigns

A campaign is just that, a campaign – meaning it is meant to go out as scheduled when turned on. If you setup a campaign to go out immediately to a group, it will go out to that group.
NOTE: After the campaign goes out, if it is still activated and you add a new person to that group, the new person will immediately receive any campaigns going to that group (whether the campaign still applies or not).

TIP: if you want to send a one time campaign to a group of people and not worry about it ever sending out again when you add new people to your contact list, be sure to PICK A DATE AT LEAST ONE DAY LATER (so pick April 18th if you are setting up the campaign on April 17th) and the campaign will only go out on that date and never again.

*I will be sure to update future eCard instructions with this info to assist you as well.

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