New eCards, Webpages & Flyers

Two new eCards are available to send to your clients, the Golf Tournament 2013 eCard and JD Power Awards eCard. In addition, a JD Power flyer is now available on the Downloads section of the Resource Center as well as having been added to the flyer pack on the Resource Center. 

Both the Golf Tournament eCard and JD Power eCard have been turned into campaigns so that you can send out each eCard to all your clients with just three clicks.
Finally both items have been turned into webpages on your site that you can share with social media!
How to turn on the Campaigns:
  • Login the RealOMS login at the bottom right of your website
  • Click the Contacts tab then click Sales Tools from the blue bar
  • Click the red X next to the campaign “Golf Tourney for Sunshine Kids 2013” AND/OR next to the "JD Power Awards" campaign and it will turn into a green checkmark. This means it is turned on and will send out to all your website contacts!
Note: If you want to use this campaign be sure to do the above steps by midnight on Tuesday 8-6-13 to send out the Golf Tournament eCard on Wednesday 8-7-13. And turn on the JD Power Awards campaign by Tuesday 8-13-13 to send out on Wednesday 8-14-13. (or just turn them both on after you read this!)
*eCards not actual size. Agent picture and information will appear at right of the eCard.
Find the webpages on your site and share on social networks:
  • Pull up your website, click Community at top then click on Sunshine Kids Golf Tournament from the drop-down menu    OR click About at top and then click JD Power Awards from drop-down
  • Copy the URL for this page. (At the top of the screen click and drag over to highlight the address in the long white address bar then right-click on the highlighted address and left-click on the word Copy from the drop down menu that appears.)
  • In a new window, pull up the social network where you want to share the page (facebook, linkedIn, Google+, etc)
  • Click in the box where you type a post or status and type in something about the page you are sharing (ex. Please see! Helps a great cause! or Prudential rocks to work with!)
  • After you type in something, paste in the URL (right-click at the end of what you typed and then left-click on the word Paste from the drop-down)
  • Finally click the space bar or enter button and wait for the link to the page to appear 
  • Once you can see the page link as a little object, press Post button

Tip: You can do this same process for any page you find online. Find a great article about real estate? Copy the address of the page and paste that address into a post on your social network.

To find the J.D Power flyer:
  • Login the back door (RealOMS Login) area of your website and from the home page of the backdoor find the heading Marketing and Advertising on the middle of the page and click Download Materials below it. 
  • A new window will open, scroll down to find the flyer. 
If you don’t want to wait for the campaign to send out next Wednesday or forget to turn it on by Wednesday night, you can send out the eCards whenever you want:
  • Login the RealOMS Login at bottom right of your website
  • Click Contacts tab and then from the blue bar click Sales Tools
  • Next click the button SEND SINGLE MESSAGE
  • On the next screen in the To field type in 'All Clients' or the contact names or group names of who you want to send it to - as you start typing a dropdown will appear to choose names or groups from, click on the group All Clients or other names or group of your choice
  • Now click the button at upper left 'Use Campaign Letter' and scroll through the dropdown and click on the NAME of the letter "Golf Tournament 2013"
  • The eCard will appear in the message section, add any additional text then click SEND NOW button at the lower right to send the eCard
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