Moving Under The Arch


Moving Under the Arch


St. Louis, with its great mix of competitive businesses and entertaining attractions makes a great destination for homeowners and travelers alike. One of the most iconic destinations in St. Louis is the The Gateway Arch. Many Americans may know what the arch looks like, but its historical significance goes much deeper than the aesthetic element it adds to the city. The following blog entry will fill in the gaps in understanding basic history of the arch and inform those that are considering a move to St. Louis

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was completed on October 28th, 1968. It was first envisioned as a way to reestablish the riverfront area as an economic and recreational area. The arch would also be built as a memorial to those historic figures that established the westward expansion of the United States. Some of the individuals that it was built to commemorate were Thomas Jefferson, Livingston and Monroe, Lewis and Clark, as well as many of the unnamed trappers, frontiersmen, and settlers that had passed through the city for the past hundred and fifty years.

The height and width of the Arch measure 630 feet making it the tallest memorial in the country.  The Gateway Arch is also the tallest monument made out of stainless steel in the entire world. Lighting was proposed for the arch as early as 1966, but was not implemented until much later. In 1998 a fund for lighting was approved and since the turn of the 21st century the arch has been lit with white lights between 10 pm and 1 am. This adds a unique and beautiful backdrop to the city’s waterfront area and is one of the most visited tourist destinations across the country.

For those that are moving to St. Louis and would like to take family and friends that visit up to the Gateway Arch, it is open to the public between 8 am and 10 pm during the summer months and 9 am to 6 pm during the winter months. There is an underground visitor center and museum with information regarding the building and significance of the arch.  Visitors ride mechanical lifts that will take them to the top to get an aerial view of the city.  Each side of the arch has a staircase with a total of 1,076 stairs. 

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