Mobile Site Shortcut Vs. App Store App

So you want to get your mobile website into the app store?
Sad news...Apple no longer accepts applications that are just wrappers for websites on the App Store.
Instead you can create a shortcut to the app on your phone so that you can get to the website on your phone in just one click.
Instead of recreating the great directions that are already out on the internet, there are some links below to the two of the simplist and most recent insruction lists I could find for both andrio and iphone shortcuts.

Create a Shortcut to a Website on Android:

Create a Shortcut to a Website on iphone:

Good idea for REALTORs: Send an email to your SOI kind of like the following:
"Is there a website you frequent that you'd like to get to on your smartphone with just one touch? It's easy! Just click the link for your phone type below and follow the simple instructions to create a website shortcut on your phone. Try it out with !" Then provide the two links above.

How to Build an App and Submit to App Store:
But I REALLY want my website in the app store, you say?
To get an app in the Apple App Store:

1. You have to become an official app developer by setting up an iTunes Connect account ($99/year) and then filling out all the information necessary for the app – icons, descriptions, pricing, etc.
2. Then you need to build the app.
This website gives 10 platform options for building an app:
3. Finally, submit the app to the app store (and hope they approve it):





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