Millennials… How to Connect



Millennials are a different breed of people, like any generation before them. Talking to them isn’t so hard… if you know how to make the connection.
The main buzzword with this group is personalized. From the goods and services they buy and use to the interaction and communication they experience, everything should be specific to that individual. One of our millennials on staff has her social media set to her interests, and only her interests.
  • NOT Influenced By Advertising
They are also the generation that is not influenced by advertising. This is the generation that took classes in Marketing growing up and understood the inner workings early on, making it harder than ever to get anything past them.
  • Trust Is Built On Social Media and App Engagement
If you don’t have a high amount of engagement on your social media, a millennial is not going to believe you are for real. Make sure that you are visible, and engaging. Just posting about real estate and your listings? No one wants to see that. But post about paint colors and design and home hacking tips, and the millennials will follow.
  • Want Value
Continuing with the posting, make sure it adds VALUE. Each post should either be teaching them how to do something better and more efficiently or purely entertainment.  Make sure you make people want to follow your pages. Would you follow you if you were not in real estate?
  •  Expect Authenticity
Authenticity is more important than ever. This generation can fact check in about 5 seconds flat. Know what you are talking about or they will do their research and very quickly know more than you. They can read analytics, they can find anything on Google.
  • More Income Will Not Change Spending Habits
These are the dreamers, the entrepreneurs of today. Money is better spent on moments and travel then on a fancy car and expensive house. Why not live below your means and save more? Make sure you find out more about their goals and really know where their money goes.
  • Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

You are an agent? Great, until I am looking for something, do not contact me. I don’t have time for your presentations and phone calls. Sending emails will quickly get you permanently moved to the trash bin. Constant calling will get your number blocked. Using LinkedIn for leads will get you deleted on spam charges. But offer value and a personality millennials can relate to on social? Then when the time is right you will be getting an email, a text or maybe if you are lucky…even a call. 


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