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Do you have a neighborhood event or some other special marketing piece that you would like to promote with your own website eCard?

You can do it! All you need is a picture.

Use a Picture to Make Your Own eCard:

  1. From lower right of your website click RealOMS login to access the backdoor of your website
  2. next click Contacts Tab then click Sales Tools from the blue bar
  3. Now click CREATE LETTER button under the My Letters section at right
  4. On next screen give the letter a Name and a Subject (steps 4 and 5 pictured below)
  5. Now click the dropdown next to Edit Mode and change it to Source Mode
  6. On the next screen click in the message area and type your message (steps 6-7 pictured below)
  7. Then to add a picture (or eCard image) click the icon with above the message area with the little tree on it
  8. The Insert/Edit Picture window will pop up, click on the little red and white box out to the right of the Image URL field (circled in red on screenshot below)
  9. On next window click on Files at the top left then click Upload at top middle
  10. Find your picture (flyer or eCard image) and upload to the website
  11. It will appear on the back on the next screen, double click on the picture
  12. Then click Insert back on the previous Insert/Edit Picture window
  13. you can send yourself a copy of the letter when you save it by putting your email address into the field ‘Send Example To:’
  14. then click Save Letter button Finally click SAVE LETTER button at the top right of the screen

Here is how it will look:

How to send your own eCard from your website:

  1. From the backdoor of your site click the Contacts tab and then from the blue bar click Sales Tools
  2. Next click the button SEND SINGLE MESSAGE
  3. On the next screen in the To field type in All Clients – as you start typing it in a dropdown will appear, at the bottom of it click on All Clients
  4. Now click the link at upper left ‘Create From Letter’ and scroll through the dropdown to find the letter you created – click on name of letter
  5. Finally click SEND NOW button at the lower right to send the eCard

Have a Publisher Flyer that you want to make into a picture for an eCard? Here is how:

  1. Open and/or create your flyer
  2. Go to Edit on menu bar and choose Select All
  3. Go to Arrange on menu bar and choose Group
  4. Now right-click on the grouped flyer and choose Save as Picture…
  5. Name the picture and save it somewhere you’ll find it again

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