Lowes Coupons for Clients

At the bottom of Prudential Select Properties agent websites is a Repair Discounts link for 10% off at Lowes (unless you’ve customized your site and turned off this text area).

The link goes to a form where a person can fill out and submit their information to you to get this coupon. If the person is not already a contact on your website they will become one and you will receive an email alerting you of their activity.

So what do you do next? You go to this website:https://www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com/Default.aspx

Feel free to look around the site. After you’ve gained some insight, click Sign Up Now at upper left to create an account (or just login f you already created one). Note: You’ll need your NRDS ID number to complete the sign up process.

Once logged in you’ll be able to choose to email Lowes coupons to the contact or if you have their physical address to mail the coupon.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the contact because if they leave a phone number you can call and ask for their home address to mail the coupon to and open up a conversation with them to offer assistance with real estate. Or if they leave an email address you could reply and ask for a home address to send the coupon to and offer real estate assistance.

So don’t forget to tell people about the Lowes coupon on your website! It is another reason why it is good to know a Prudential Select Properties real estate agent.

Questions? Email Helpdesk@DiscoverStL.com

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