Important Things to Consider When Moving

Changing residences can be one of the biggest events most families go through together. Proper planning and research can help make the moving experience exciting and hassle free. St. Louis is a great location for families and young professionals alike and St. Louis Prudential Select Properties has everything necessary to find the perfect home no matter what the circumstances. Here are some important things to keep in mind throughout the moving process in order to insure a smooth and successful move to a new home.

Try not to move during the summer. This is the busiest time of year for most moving companies which means prices are higher and scheduling availability is at a yearly low. The reason is most families with school age children choose to move during the summer months in order to not split the academic year between the two locations. The other main factor the summer months so busy is the timing of military relocations. Most braches of the military choose to relocate their members during the summer months making up a fair percentage of moving traffic. It will be much cheaper and easier to hire a moving service for a move to St. Louis during the spring, fall, or winter.

Mentally adjusting beforehand can make the move much more enjoyable, especially for children. Planning out the moving process well in advance of the scheduled date will allow everyone involved to get comfortable and excited about the idea of living somewhere new. Plans can be made for a fresh start in the home which will be moved into.

Research should be done on the new area in order to figure out whether or not there are good schools and community groups available. If children will be attending a new school it is worth making sure it is the best fit prior to making a housing decision. For young professionals with no children yet figuring out whether or not there is an active community which will be easy to assimilate into can make the difference between a successful move and a decision which will be regretted.

Calculate the commute from the new residence to a place of work, the grocery store, or the school site. This should be calculated at the time when the commute would occur to obtain the most accurate estimate. This can be one of the biggest factors in quality of life when living in a new area and is one of the easiest to overlook during the moving process.

With these tips at hand the moving process can be a huge success for all involved. In order to browse homes in the St. Louis area, be sure to check to find the perfect home. One a residence has been chosen put these tips to action and enjoy the move.

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