How to Make a Home Page QR Code

In addition to QR codes that go directly to the listing detail page of a property, the Prudential Select Properties website system easily lets you create a QR code for the home page of your personal website. Included in this feature are great reports and graphs so that you can track how frequently the QR code has been used over time.

Instructions for creating a Home Page QR Code:

  1. After logging in the backdoor of your website click the Website Tab
  2. Click Trackable Links from the blue bar
  3. Click Create New Trackable Link button
  4. Now Give your link a description (ex. Home Page QR code) and type in your website URL (ex.
  5. click Save Trackable Link button
  6. The QR code will appear, click on it and it will bring up a larger version of it
  7. Right-click on the larger version of the QR code and left-click Save As (or Save Image As…) and save the QR code to your computer for adding to your marketing items.
    That’s it!

Places to use a QR code that brings up your website home page:

  • the back of your business cards
  • website brochures
  • personal flyers
  • personal signage
  • advertisements in magazines, newspapers, on bus benches, etc

Places you DON’T necessarily need a QR code:

  • online (people don’t need to scan the computer screen with their phone only to go to your website on their phone when they are already in front of a computer)
  • on your car (people are doing this these days and it can be dangerous)
  • on advertisements in places that don’t have wifi (ex. ads on subways where cell phones don’t work on the subway, etc)

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