Home Upgrades - Do You Nest?



Article by Nicole Reid

What ruins your day more than coming home from your vacation to busted pipes from the cold weather because your thermostat was set too low? The creators of Nest have made sure this will never happen to you again. It’s the twenty-first century newest heating and cooling system and it’s changing the lives of many across the country. This revolution is known as the Nest Learning Thermostat.


The Nest Thermostat saves families hundreds of dollars a year by changing the temperature based on your habits. In the afternoon the thermostat keeps your house warm and comfortable, but as night comes and families go to bed it turns down the temperature to save energy. As the night comes to an end the thermostat temperature raises so you wake up to a comfortable temperature. Finally once you leave for work the thermostat adjusts the temperature to save energy. By adjusting the temperature throughout the day the Nest Thermostat saves energy and helps protect the environment


The Nest Thermostat is helping people save energy through providing an app that lets people track their energy savings every month. In the same way a fit bit encourages people to walk more and get exercise, the nest thermostat encourage people to adjust their thermostat to save energy.


Finally the Nest Thermostat is compatible to connect to many other products by the same company including security cameras and smoke detectors. All of these products are controllable by your phone or the Amazon product known as “Alexa.” If you forget to adjust your thermostat before you leave for work, simply get on your phone and change the temperature. By using all of these products you can ensure that your home is safe and comfortable at all times.


I don’t know about you, but Nest is a must have in your next home. The next time I’m sitting on the beach while a snow storm is taking place at home, I’ll be relaxing and enjoying my vacation instead of worrying if my pipes are getting ready to bust in my home by the click of a button.

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