Header Paper: Don’t Buy It, Print It!

No need to spend money having header paper printed or tracking down where you may have header paper stashed in your office. You can find it online!

At Prudential Select Properties our company header paper is available on the Resource Center. You can open up the file and type directly on the paper and print it out. So no need to make sure the paper is positioned correctly in the printer!

To find and use PSP header paper:

  1. Login the backdoor (RealOMS Login) of your website
  2. Click the link Resource Library
  3. When the Library section of the Resource Center appears, scroll down just slightly and click the file “PSP Stationary”.
  4. You can save the file to your computer or work on right away – just be sure to save any changes you make before closing!

Questions? Email HelpDesk@DiscoverStL.com

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