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Generating website leads is a multi-tiered process. At Prudential Select Properties the Marketing/eBusiness Department spends a lot of time, money and effort to drive more business to our website system.

So what exactly do we do?

• pay for enhanced accounts for you at the three biggest online home search portals: Zillow, Trulia and

• pay a Search Engine Optimization company to help get targeted searches to appear higher in search results

• optimize our web pages through the SEO tools on the backdoor of the website (next week’s tech tip)

• create blogs about the real estate market, St. Louis cities and communities, and real estate technology with links back to our website system (we currently use, but a website blog feature is coming soon!)

• pay for a public relations company (Th!nkTank) to write and submit press releases and manage social media such as Facebook and twitter for us

• create interesting content for the website to draw clients back including: food truck page, one tank road trips page, city pages, event pages, St. Louis are wineries page and more

• create original content including photos and videos of area homes and neighborhoods

That’s a lot isn’t it? And this is on top of all the other things Marketing/eBusiness does (plan parties and events, create marketing materials for our agents, support the technologies we offer & more) – Just had to pat us on the back for a moment :)

But how can I get more website leads, you ask?

You can do any of the items above on your own. But as a general rule LISTINGS GENERATE LEADS. People search online for properties and if you have properties online, you are going to get more leads. Period. However if you don’t have listings you can still get attention.

For a cost you can do the following:

• buy into a personal account on trulia, zillow and

• buy into pay per click advertising or other search engine companies

• pay for someone to keep all your social media up-to-date

Or you can generate more leads on your real estate website by doing the following for free:

• create original content for your website – add pages to your website, add images and videos of the communities you farm or of yourself

• optimize our web pages through the SEO tools on the backdoor of the website (next week’s tech tip)

• write blogs about the real estate market, your farm area, your experiences in real estate, etc (we currently use, but a website blog feature is coming soon!) Note: The best blogs answer a question regarding the who, what, when, where, or why about a subject.

• Consistently update your social media (remember 70% personal posts and 30% business posts is a good balance). Note: is a good tool to post to multiple social media platforms at once.

In summary, if you want to generate more leads focus on getting more listings. If you don’t have listings don’t despair, you can still garner attention of online buyers and sellers through new website content, search engine optimization, blogs and social media. Most of all you can do it through tenacity – don’t give up – the market is improving and with some effort so will your real estate business!

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