Four Ways Realtors Can Show Sellers How Hard They Work

Real estate agents work hard for their commissions and clients may not realize the full value of their Realtor if they are not being shown. So here are some ways that you can show your sellers all you are doing for their benefit.

1) Data Driven E-mails

Seller Reports (called Sellers Edge on our new system) provide powerful data sellers are looking for and understand. It shows comparable listings nearby and keeps sellers informed. The Seller Report (Sellers Edge) emails provide information on site traffic, search attention, and how real life buyers interact with your properties online. Your sellers will feel tapped into the home marketing process. Earn the approval of your sellers and set up these automatic alerts today to start showing your work.

2) Listing Postcards

Any home listed over 100k with Prudential Select Properties receives 50 Just-Listed postcards. These cards will get sent to the area nearby the listing and to the seller to promote the listing. The seller will be able to put it on their fridge and have a constant reminder of what you are doing for them.

3) Share Marketing Strategies

You spend good time and money marketing your properties. Why not share your tactics with sellers? In your listing presentation, be sure to mention all the resources you utilize likeQR codes, flyers, open house marketing, agent open houses, online exposure on dozens of websites, select response system to address leads from anywhere by phone, and any other tools that play a part in getting your clients the exposure they want.

4) Show Activity

Last but not least on the list of ways to show your work is to “look busy” or better said, show your activity. The reality is, most agents have very busy schedules and whether it be through social media or foursquare, showing business related activity can be a great way to communicate to current and prospective clients that you’re active in your market and work hard for your dollars.

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