Football Schedule eCards and August Monthly Newsletter

There are new seasonal website marketing materials available for Prudential Select Properties' agents! The August Monthly newsletter and two new eCards are now available on the backdoor of the website system. 

How to turn on the August Newsletter Campaign:
  1. Login the RealOMS login at the bottom right of your website
  2. Click the Contacts tab then click Sales Tools from the blue bar
  3. Click the red X next to the campaign “August Newsletter - to go out 8/20/13” it will turn into a green checkmark. This means it is turned on and will send out to all your website contacts!
Note: if you want to use this campaign be sure to do the above steps by midnight on Monday 8-19-13. 

The newsletter above is smaller than it will appear when sent. Your agent info will appear at right of the newsletter.


Two new eCards:


The eCards above are smaller than they will appear when sent. Your agent info will appear at right of the eCard.


To send an eCard:
  1. Login the RealOMS Login at bottom right of your website

  2. Click Contacts tab and then from the blue bar click Sales Tools

  3. Next click the button SEND SINGLE MESSAGE

  4. On the next screen in the To field type in 'All Clients' or the contact names or group names of who you want to send it to - as you start typing a dropdown will appear to choose names or groups from, click on the group All Clients or other names or group of your choice

  5. Now click the Use Campaign Letter button at upper left and scroll through the dropdown and click on the NAME of the letter/eCard you want to use

  6. The eCard will appear in the message section, add any additional text you want, then click SEND NOW button at the lower right to send the eCard

Tech Tip Rewind: Website Gatekeeper Feature


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