Facebook Updates: App Connections and Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook. You love it. You hate it. But regardless how you feel about it, if you are in sales of any type, you can’t ignore the exposure Facebook provides for your business.

As Facebook continues to evolve, links, plugins and apps that connect to Facebook may be affected. This includes the property sharing feature on real estate websites.

At Prudential Select Properties your website will automatically post your listings to facebook when they hit your website (if you have this feature turned on). However with recent Facebook updates this feature is no longer working consistently. If you find that you’re listings are not auto-posting to facebook, or that if you click ‘Post To’ next to a listing on your Properties page and the listing does not post to Facebook, you may need to reconnect your website to Facebook.

How to Connect/Re-Connect your PSP Website to Facebook:

  1. Login the backdoor of your site
  2. click the My Profile tab
  3. Under section ‘Social Media Posting’ press the little trashcan icon to unlink your account
  4. Click the Login with Facebook button
  5. After connecting to facebook go back to the My Profile screen on the website and be sure to check the box next to Auto Post Listings

Other changes with facebook include rules for timeline cover images.

Facebook rules now say that any cover image you use on your profile page ‘must be unique’. I discovered this recently when I uploaded a holiday timeline cover to facebook that I downloaded from the PSP ResourceCenter. I got the message:

“Pick a unique photo from your life to feature at the top of your timeline. Note: This space is not meant for banner ads or other promotions. Please don’t use content that is commercial, promotional, copyright-infringing or already in use on other people’s covers.”

When asked if there was some kind of crackdown going on, a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable(.com) that Facebook’s policies regarding photos and cover photos haven’t changed. Facebook’s terms of service specifies that a cover photo should be a “unique image that represents your Page.”

Basically, you cannot put website addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc on your facebook timeline cover image. So far, we think you can still get away with a small company logo, however that could change as facebook continues to make updates. No one is sure how facebook is determining if a photo is unique. So it remains to be seen if the use of template facebook covers like we offer on the PSP ResourceCenter will go away or will be useable.

Four new Fine Home style Facebook Covers available on the Downloads section of the Resource Center

In the meantime PSP still offers real estate themed facebook cover images.
If you would like to use one of these facebook cover images, I would suggest re-naming the image after you download it from the RC and upload it to Facebook. This way, at least the file name will be unique.

*Below are some of the new Facebook Timeline Covers now available on the PSP Resource Center Downloads page. Scroll about two thirds the way down the page to the Agent Facebook Timeline Covers section to find.

Also notice the “FB Timeline Template.pub” file to the right of FB Fine Homes 4. This file will let you build your own facebook timeline cover!

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