Can Refrigerators Take The Heat?

Refrigerators were made to take the heat and weather the cold, or were they? The Washington Post claims that it’s not a good idea to have a second refrigerator in your garage, and we agree with them. For one thing, it wastes energy. You are paying the cost of having your fridge sweat it out in the summer, and bundle itself back up in the winter. Often times garage ridden fridges will need heat run in the garage during the winter, and air conditioning run in the summer just to keep up with the high temperatures.

But that is not the only way they are wasting energy. Our old refrigerators are far less energy efficient, costing you more money in energy bills every month.

Why the rise in refrigerator efficiency? The National Energy Standards have been tightened in recent years by the Department of Energy.

"A fridge that just meets the new standards will use $215 to $270 less per year in electricity than a comparable unit that met the first state standards set in 1978,"

-        Marianne DiMascio of the Appliance Standards Awareness Project

There are so many other things you could be spending that $215 dollars on, and how much of that food ends up growing old anyway?


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