Blogging via the PSP Website System

The PSP website system now has a blog feature for Prudential Select Properties agents to use! However we did not automatically turn it on for all our agent websites. If a PSP agent wants to use this feature they will need to set it up.

How to setup:

  1. After logging into your agent website click the Website tab
  2. Click Site Pages from the blue bar
  3. Click Add New button  


How to setup cont'd:

  1. Title the page 'Blog'   
  2. click the Active checkbox   
  3. Then click Page Options button   
  4. from Function dropdown choose Blog   
  5. then click Save Changes 

Your blog is now setup. You won't need to do the above again! Now you just need to add some blog posts.

Add a New Blog Post:

  1. From the backdoor of your agent website click the Website tab
  2. Click Site Blog from the blue bar
  3. Click New Post button

Compose a Blog Post:

  1. Give the blog a title
  2. Write your blog
  3. Add any pictures using the little tree icon above the compose message section
  4. Give your blog some tags (this helps search engines find it)
  5. Click Create Post button (or Save Post button if you are editing a post for the second time)

Find your blog on your live website:

  1. Pull up your live website and click Blog
  2. click on the title of a blog post or the words 'Read More' to see the full blog post on its own page

Share your blog on social media:

  • Copy the URL (the address in the long white bar at the top of the screen)
  • Open up your favorite social media and past the URL into a post

Pretty cool, eh? 

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