Best Blogging Practices – Make the Most of Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to add new, original content to your website with minimal effort. Below are five great ways to add power to your posts to make the most of your blogs so that you can gain the attention of search engines and thus consumers.

Tips include: using original content, using phrases that capture the attention of search engines, using photos and labeling them so they can be found by search engines, using tags and promoting your blog post for more exposure.

Blogging is a super easy way to get your website more notice. With PSP you can easily blog any time.

1 Use Original Content
So you’re not very creative. That’s OK. It is fine to take the inspiration of another person’s blog and make it original by making it your own. Take the idea and rewrite the blog in your own words or with your own take on the subject.
Also think of things that people want to know. Anything that was a light bulb moment for you in real estate school or during a transaction may very well be the information someone else is looking for.
Find ideas on newsletters, in magazines, even on television. Then write about it!
2. Use Phrases that Capture the attention of Search Engines
Phrases that might capture the attention of search engines are the same phrases that people might type in to a search engine in order to find your blog.
For example, if you are writing about staging a home, some great words to insert into your blog post might be: how to stage a home, staging a home for little or no money, tips and tricks for staging a home. These words might make a great title for your blog post but also be sure to insert them throughout the body of the post as the search engines will scan both.
3. Use Photos and Label Them
Photos are the entry point for someone’s eye when scanning a page or computer screen. They grab the viewer’s attention first. So be sure to add a photo.
Take your own photos. People are so use to seeing imperfect photos on social media that they have become acceptable almost everywhere, so don’t worry about being perfect.
You can also find some by searching for free stock photos on the Internet. Be careful in just copying any photos you see and posting – it could have a copyright.
You can also use photos that are in the library in programs like Word and Publisher by inserting them onto a document then right-clicking and saving them to upload to a blog post.
Search engines also offer photo searches. So it is important to label (name) the photo file something that would come up if someone searched for it. For example, if I am writing a blog about home staging, I would want to name the photo something relating to home staging like: “easy home staging.jpg”, “stage a home.gif”, or “free home staging ideas.png”
To use photos on the PSP website blog system, you first have to upload the photo into the image library then Insert into the post.
·      Click the tree icon from the blog edit screen
·      then on picture pop-up window click the little white box with red lines in it to get to the Image Library
·      Click Files folder on left
·      Then click Upload button and upload your photo
·      Next double click the uploaded photo
·      Finally click Insert to get into the post
Note: If you just copy and paste the photo, it will not stick when uploaded to the Internet
4. Use Tags
Tags work in several ways on the PSP website system: the most often used tags become the ‘Categories’ of the blog page of your website, and they become terms that people can use in the Search bar of the blog page on your website. They also act as keywords to help search engines find your blog.

·      While your blog is open and editable click the green New Tag button
·      Type in a tag name (ex: staging)
·      Click Save Tag button
·      Repeat until you’ve added as many tags as you can possibly think of – the more, the better
Note: The next time you blog you can check existing tags at the left of the edit blog screen instead of adding them again.
5. Promote Your Post
Be sure to post links to your new blog post on all your social media sites. This will help promote your blog to friends and potential clients as well as provide back links to your blog which also help get it noticed by search engines.
To post a link to your blog:
·      Pull up and click on your blog on your website
·      Copy the address (url) in the long white address bar at the top of the screen
·      Paste the address into a social media post and publish the post

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