Attract Homebuyers With These 8 Curb Appeal Ideas!


Curb Appeal  It takes only a few seconds to make a first impression. People formulate opinions and surmise facts after only taking in the subject for a few mere seconds, basing their ideas on what they see, hear, and experience. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to nail the first impression you make to potential homebuyers with curb appeal.


Take a moment now and ask yourself what the first thing that these homebuyers will notice about your home. Ask yourself then if what they notice will attract or deter them from wanting to see the home’s interior. Usually, homebuyers will notice how your front yard looks, any landscaping you might have, and the color of the home’s exterior. By looking at your home’s exterior, they cannot ascertain that there are great new kitchen appliances inside, nor can they determine that your home has beautiful hardwood flooring or gorgeous crown molding. If your home’s curb appeal is subpar, the potential homebuyers will more than likely not even bother coming through the front door.


So how can you improve your home’s curb appeal? Try out the following 8 ideas to help you boost your curb appeal and attract potential homebuyers!


Size Up the Exterior – Before you begin anything else, take a look at your home’s exterior. Is the paint cracking or old? Does the paint color not match your home’s style or the surrounding neighborhood? If so, you might want to consider revamping your home’s exterior paint color. If you find that you don’t have the time or the necessary funds to redress the issue, consider using a pressure wash on the siding and brick of your home. It will look as good as new afterward!


Freshen Up Your Accents – A home’s accents can either captivate the wandering eye of a potential homebuyer, or they can turn them off right away. Make sure that the accents that were meant to beautify your home – shutters, columns, planters, and so on – remain in good condition. If you find that there is damage to your accents or even to your fences, driveway, or exterior lighting, be sure to repair the areas as soon as you can.


 Keep Your Yard Clean – Your home and property’s curb appeal is associated with how you and your family live your lives every day. If your lawn is unkempt and has a lot of unnecessary objects left out on it, a potential homebuyer could assume that you care for the inside of your home just as you do the outside of your home (which, in their opinion, isn’t very much). Put away gardening tools when you’re not using them, and make sure your children’s toys are put away. Teach them also to put their toys away when they’re finished playing with them to keep your yard neat and tidy.


Spruce Up the Walkways – Take a look at your walkways and driveway. Are they cracked, old, or broken in spots? Are weeds poking up through the cracks in your patio or driveway? Take the time to pull the weeds and fix the broken areas. When in doubt, use the pressure wash to clean up these areas and make them look like new again!


Switch Out Old Features – When sprucing up your home’s curb appeal, don’t forget to pay attention to the finest of details. Even the simplest things like your house numbers or your mailbox could be all that it takes to make a potential buyer look elsewhere. Replace your old weathered mailbox with a new one, and if your house numbers are outdated or have simply seen better days, consider getting new ones to adorn your home.


Love Your Lawn – Is your lawn a lovely work of art, or does it look like a scraggy eyesore? Make sure to pull the weeds out of cracks and out of flowerbeds, and fix any other unsightly areas in your yard. If your yard still doesn’t look much better, consider revamping your landscaping a bit. Update weathered stones, bricks, and rocks with new ones, and plant a few new plants to give your lawn a fresh breath of air.


Add Pops of Color – If your house looks drab or ho-hum, then you could seriously use a bit of color to make things more vibrant. Add instant pops of color with planters filled with beautiful seasonal plants near your front door or in your yard. Plants are cheap, beautiful, and make homebuyers more at ease and eager to see what the home’s interior looks like.


Dress Up Your Front Door – Is your front door that typical boring shade of white? Does it totally blend in with the rest of your home’s exterior? Make your door more vivacious and welcoming with a fresh coat of paint! Red works well to invite potential buyers to your front door, but you can always choose a sagacious shade of green or a bright and fun shade of blue or yellow to give your door some personality.


Remember, fixing your home’s curb appeal doesn’t need to be difficult or be expensive. Making the aforementioned changes, no matter how small they are, can make all the difference in your home’s curb appeal. For even further help in selling your home and helping you find the home of your dreams, call Prudential Select Properties at (314) 835-6000 or visit us online at!

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