Are You Using Gender Neutral Language?

With Equality settling in things are changing in real estate. Understanding the LGBT niche is important for you to continue to meet your goals in the marketplace. According to RealtorMag, 66 percent of LGBT adults say they would remain loyal to a brand they believed was in support of ALL of the community. And why would we not be supportive? Article 10 of NAR’s Code of Ethics prohibits REALTORS® from discriminating based on sexual orientation and gender identity. And why miss out on the $840 billion of estimated LGBT buying power in the US alone?

We are a culture of individuals that hold morality and ethics to a higher standard. The problem is you may not know you are making mistakes when discussing properties with potential clients. Here are a few potholes, and how not to fix them.

  • Always refer to features with gender neutral terms.
    •  Instead of his and hers sinks, try describing the feature as a double sink.
  • Make sure you know the status of your client’s relationship.
    • Instead of asking if the client has a husband or wife, try asking if they have a spouse or someone special in their lives that we would like to consider in this purchase.
  • Don’t steer clients to any specific neighborhood.
  • You can express that you are LGBT friendly but make sure you are not excluding any groups.

Remember to be subtle and no matter what, stay inclusive.



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