Are Open Houses Right For You? 4 Pros and Cons You Didn’t Know About Open Houses

When we think of open houses, we typically envision beautiful, ornate homes with doors open wide and filled with curious and enthusiastic potential homebuyers. Open houses may be very fun and informative events, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly – they can be quite stressful to prepare for and to host.

Just like with everything else in life, there are pros and cons to hosting an open house for both the seller and the listing agent. The decision to hold an open house should be made with great care, so be sure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for your situation! Check out the pros and cons of hosting an open house below!

Open House Pros

Your home will have more exposure – When you decide to host an open house for your home, you are giving your home the exposure it needs in less time! Obtaining a serious bid by means of the open house is relatively slim, but any potential homebuyer can come in and check out your home, especially if the price is right!

Anyone can check out your home – Speaking of potential homebuyers, an open house allows anyone and everyone to come over to see your home. These people can be prospective buyers, curious dreamers, or even relatives of people who are in the hunt for a good home. Who knows? You might even inspire a random passerby who is curious about your home to fall in love with it and purchase it!

Viewers will get a real-life browsing experience – The Internet is a wonderful tool for potential homebuyers; online, you can view homes and their specs quite easily. You can even visit multiple homes at once online! However, there’s nothing quite like seeing a home in person. For instance, while you can see that the bathroom is green and has a nice linen closet, you can’t quite see the shade of chartreuse gleaming in the morning light and that without the shelves in the linen closet, you could use it as a great hide-and-seek spot.

An open house makes you tidy up – There’s nothing that will make you dress your house up more than hosting an open house! Remember, your home should be as clean as possible from top to bottom. If your home is a spotless piece of perfection, you’re sure to leave a great impression on the masses and leave them wanting more!

Open House Cons

Open houses can be quite stressful – First impressions are always very important, and now more than ever they are even more imperative. You need to make sure your home looks as nice as possible when you allow the public to view your home, which can be a difficult task in itself. After you clean your home, you’ll also have to clean all over again after everyone leaves.

You will rarely get a bid – Though open houses do a great job in sparking curiosity in potential buyers, many brokers and homeowners tend to agree that it is a rare occurrence for someone to walk in, look at the house, and place a bid on the home for purchase. Remember, purchasing a home is a very serious decision for a potential homeowner to make, and the decision needs to be made with utmost care and consideration.

Open houses can attract nosy neighbors – When you open your door to the public to come in to see your home, you are also welcoming your wonderful nosy neighbors. Beware that your neighbors might want to swing by to see exactly what you’ve done with the home, which makes for great juicy gossip with their friends or even the previous homeowner, if they’re still in contact. Remember to put away your valuables in order to ensure their security as well.

The Internet has made open houses less effective – When you wanted to sell your home a decade or so ago, having an open house was one of the best things you could possibly do to give your home publicity and to pique interest in all the potential buyers out there. Now people can easily see your home on the Internet, and they’re more than likely looking at several other homes at the same time for free and in the comfort of their own homes.

So what do you think? Is hosting an open house advantageous to you, or is it too much of a headache to think about? Let us know what you think! If you need any help organizing an open house, need help selling your home, or want to find that one special home you’ve always dreamed of owning, call us at (314) 835-6000 or visit us online at!

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