Addressing Unsubscribed Clients on Your Website

When we switched to our new website system we thought we’d give those contacts who had unsubscribed to our previous site a look at our new site so after the transition no clients on the system were unsubscribed.

Now as you are using the wonderful eCards and Newsletters we have available on your new site you may initially find a lot of people unsubscribing to those emails.

That’s OK, it’s mostly going to be those folks who had unsubscribed previously – and it doesn’t mean they are unsubscribing to property notification emails or Sellers Edge. Each of those items can be unsubscribed to individually.

If a client asks to be taken off your mailing list you can unsubscribe them by:

  1. find the person on the contact list and click on their name
  2. on the lower left of the Main Information screen check the box for the item they wish to unsubscribe to
  3. then click Save Changes button at upper right

Below is a picture of a client’s Main Information screen with a zoomed in section showing unsubscribe feature.

NOTE: You can RE-Subscribe someone to your newsletters by un-checking these boxes and saving. Per spam laws do NOT do this unless specifically asked by the client.

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