Add Social Media Links to Your Website

Much of the business that Realtors receive is from their sphere of influence, in other words, friends, family and referrals. These days people are so busy, they may even forget who it is they know that is a Realtor. A great way to remind people is to talk about it on your social networks, the places your sphere of influence hang out.

More than just sharing your latest listings, mention experiences you have with clients, some tricks you’ve learned to best help buyers and sellers or other items based on your expertise.

Make sure that you have the address to your real estate website on all your social network profiles. And make sure that your website has links to the social media sites that you use. Here is how to link your social media sites to your Prudential Select Properties website.

  1. Login the backdoor of your site
  2. Click the Website tab
  3. Click Additional Options from the blue bar
  4. Scroll down to the Social Media Links section
  5. Paste in the links to your social media sites and click Save Changes button below

*To get the link to your social media sites pull up your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Go to the top of the screen and highlight the address of the page in the long white address bar by clicking and dragging over the address with your mouse. Press Ctrl button + the letter C to copy the link. Then you can Paste the link into the back of your website by clicking in the field and then pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste.

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