Accept it. Work it. Addressing Website Leads

Accepting Website Leads: Corporate & Personal

When you receive a text notifying you of a lead you should be able to tell right away if it came from your website or if it was offered to you from the corporate site or our partner sites.

For Corporate Leads you will receive two texts:

  1. the first text contains the lead offer (to which you will need to reply to accept)
  2. the 2nd text shows the lead info

For Personal Website Leads you will only receive one text:

  1. the text with the lead info
    *This is because any client that goes straight to your website and registers will automatically be accepted as a lead to your website triggering the text with the lead info.


How do I turn off the new lead pop-up indicator that appears every time I log in the backdoor of my site?

A popup box showing ‘You have new leads’ will appear when you login the backdoor of your site any time after a new client is accepted to your website. This indicator will keep appearing every time you login unless you change the client status from New to Active on the main information screen for the client.

To change the client status from the new lead pop-up window:

  1. click GO TO MY CONTACTS button
  2. on next screen click a client name to go to their Main Information screen
  3. then at top left click the drop down next to the field labeled ‘Status’ and click Active
  4. click the Save Changes button

The new lead pop-up window is meant to be a tool to remind you of which leads you have worked using your website system and which leads you haven’t.

For further questions about lead acceptance on the Prudential Select Properties website system email

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