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By Sarah Grobe, Prudential Select Properties Marketing Director


I was in Chicago a few weeks ago standing in line for Garrett’s popcorn when I noticed a tin reading ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things.”  I’m sure most of you are familiar with the segments on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she shared products she felt were noteworthy. Well in honor of her final show last week I’ve decided to compile a ‘favorite things’ list of my own. 

St. Louis Patios
It won’t come as a shock to some of you that the patio and rooftop restaurants are one of my favorite things about this city. I asked for your help  in compiling a list that combines all of our favorites.  You can view the list here (as well as on your personal website) and the corresponding eCard is below:





With the price of gas these days cross-country road trips aren’t a possibility, but there area number of attractions within 3.5 hours or less. You can now find that list here (as well as on your personal website) and the corresponding eCard below.  

Marketing Newsflash: I added even more new eCards to the system, including one for our upcoming Golf Tournament in September, a Pumpkin Patch office event eCard and several holiday Coloring Contests.  See the full eCard inventory here





Voice Messages Sent to Text
I avoid phone conversations as much as possible. But I’m even worse about checking phone messages so I love Google Voice - a free service that transcribes your voice messages to emails and texts.  

When I receive a voice mail I also receive a text with the transcribed message:




As well as an email and an entry in my google account (which I can refer to at any time): 




However I do want to note that if the person leaving you the voice mail is in a noisy room or doesn’t speak clearly you may end up with something like this: 

Hey it’s me Looks like I’m not sure why she doesn’t. But 82. Love you see, it’s hectic you got saying you’re gonna pick up the Baptist. 

That You donating note. I’mgonna walk into appointments. I don’t know if that right. And if so I’ll just plan on coming up to you or

something Friday but to get it let me know. Okay bye.

Google Voice does other fancy things too.  It allows you link up six phone lines to one number, block calls, route calls, record calls, and even allows free long distance calls.  But since that all has to do with the dreaded ‘phone conversations’ I’m not as interested. 


Facebook Share Button
I know a lot of you are Facebook users and if you haven’t already downloaded the Facebook ‘Share’ Button than you must do it now, today, this instant.  It’s a button that magically appears on your browser, letting you share any webpage, photo or video with just the click of a mouse.  Get it here.




Marketing NewsflashOur ‘You Know You’re From St. Louis‘ Facebook page now has 2,589 fans! Thanks for your help! 

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