7 Steps to Address Online Home Buyers

The PSP website system has great features for addressing Internet leads.

Here are 7 STEPS that include some of the most basic and important things you can do via your website to work Internet buyer leads.

1. Every new lead will appear in the New Leads popup when you log in the backdoor of your website. Click ‘Go To Contacts’ button on the popup, on the next screen click on the name of the new client. Then on the Main Information screen change the Status from New to Active. (see picture)Note: this will keep them from continuing to appear in your New Clients pop-up when you log in to the backdoor off your site – which is used as a reminder of what leads you need to address.

2. Next, at the top of the Main Information screen click Notes, then click to see any emails that came through when the client registered and became a part of our website system. (see red arrow on screenshot below for where to find saved emails that came with the client)

3. Now click the Activity Report tab at top right to see if there is any recorded activity (like listing views or saved searches).
Note: for clients that did NOT originate on DiscoverStL.com there may be no activity, so it is important to check the Notes section for any emails that came with the client from the system they originated on – the sample client in these screenshots originated on Trulia. Also, knowing where the client came from will help you address the client. For example, your email to them might say, “Thanks for visiting Trulia.com I’ve been assigned to assist you in your home search” VS. “Thanks for visiting my website” (when maybe they have never been there).
ARMED WITH THE INFORMATION YOU'VE FOUND FROM STEPS  2 & 3: CALL THE CLIENT AND OFFER ASSISTANCE! Your chances of turning this lead into a client more than DOUBLE if you call the client.

4. Click Add Auto-Prospecting button to setup a saved search for the client from your website (see red arrow on screenshot below).
Note: the great thing about setting up auto-prospecting from your site vs the MLS is that the emails bring the client back to your site, branding you, and your website will track the listings they clicked on our of the property update email that was sent to them so that you can view those listings from the Activity Report screen of your website.

5. When you setup auto-prospecting be sure to check the Enable Emails check box (on left of screen) and also choose the frequency of emails going to the client before clicking the ‘Save This Search’ button.
Note: when clients are new eBusiness suggests setting them up for Weekly emails then following up with an email/phone call after a few weeks to see how the search is going, if they would like the property update emails more often, offer assistance, etc. (better than a cold call)

6. At the top of the screen click Email and send the client an email introducing yourself and letting them know you’ve set them up for a weekly search from your great personal website.

7. FOLLOW UP. If you have ANY contact with the client, be sure to write down any client correspondence in the Notes section for future reference.

For more website training please see the Training section of the Resource Center.

QUESTIONS? Email helpdesk@discoverstl.com

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