62 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties agents master Ninja Selling


Last week, Select Properties had 62 agents complete the Ninja Selling Installation, the top real estate training program for professional real estate agents. Ninja Selling has well over 25,000 graduates in the United States, Canada and Spain. The system is less about selling and more about how to create value for people. Select Properties agents now have even stronger and more effective tools to bring that value to their clients in making the home selling experience the best it can be.

“This stuff works!” is the phrase that WingHaven manager, Rick Colburn, has been saying to his agents all week.

Gretchen Adams, lead instructor at Select Properties’ Success Center, feels that Ninja directly aligns with the brokerage’s education goals. "The Ninja Selling philosophy is to help agents increase their income per hour so they can have a life. Our commitment is to lead our agents from ordinary to extraordinary while embracing the mastery mindset of excellence. The Ninja Installation is incredibly empowering in the sense it strengthens our belief and dedication to our relationships with one another, our agents and our clients.” CEO of Select Properties, Maryann Vitale Alles, sees the value in Ninja that ties in with the company’s vision and core values. “Our role is to live the positive Ninja attitude and practice the Ninja wisdom every day. The Ninja Selling disciplines will further cultivate our Core Values, especially Culture-Work hard and have fun. Our goal is to continuously raise our expectations to build deeper relationships and trust with everyone around us."

Congratulations to the graduates of Ninja Selling!


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