5 tips for enhancing your home's personality

Your home can say a lot about your personality. A slick new kitchen loaded with a double oven probably means you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests. A backyard with play sets, a treehouse or basketball goal is probably an indicator that your house is a hot spot for neighborhood kids. 

If you’re thinking about ways to enhance your home’s personality, consider these five simple and cost-effective improvements:

1. Paint your front door.
It’s the first part of your home guests see. Think about your house’s exterior and outdoor surroundings when selecting a new hue, but when zeroing in on your paint palette, also consider the tints that best reflect your family’s style.

A bright green might mean your family is welcoming and fun, while a shiny black finish shows class and glamour. Even a crisp, white hue can be lively, offering a clean backdrop for plants and seasonal accessories.

2. Replace a fixture.
If cooking is a key part of your personality, consider updating one of your kitchen’s most frequently used appliances: the faucet. Modern kitchen faucets come equipped with a range of features and make for a pretty easy DIY project.

3. Install new hardware.
Little details can make a huge difference. Customize furniture, closets or built-ins with stylish drawer pulls. Styles range from the whimsical, hand-painted options available at craft fairs to more substantive handles and pulls available at your local hardware store. Take your time choosing pieces for a look that’s unique and functional.

4. Start a collection.
Show off your personality by adorning your space with collectible items. A collection of sea glass bottles or vases could pay tribute to a favorite vacation you’ve been on, while ceramic animals in bright colors show your quirky creative side. To create a focal point, focus on collecting items in similar colors, materials or textures.

5. Build or craft something.
If you’re feeling daring, create some inexpensive décor to fill your space. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration. A lot of blogs also offer how-to guides for a variety of projects for the home. Whether you’re creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art or building a coffee table from scratch, your next project could be a fun opportunity to help truly customize your home

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