Choosing a School

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask

When Choosing a School



1. How large are the classes?

Studies have shown that younger children learn best with class sizes of 17 or fewer students. 


2. How balanced is the curriculum?

Core curriculum like reading, writing and math is definitely important but children also benefit from exposure to athletics and arts. Look for a balance.


3. What is the school's educational approach?

Each child learns in a different way. Some schools follow one education model. Others incorporate multiple philosophies. Determine what approach would fit your child's learning style.


4. How do the school's test scores compare?

Test scores are a good indicator of academic performance. Find out whether the school's scores have risen or declined and ask why.


5. What is the learning environment like?

Do students work cooperatively in small groups or by themselves? Is the teacher standing up and lecturing or working with students in active ways? Think about how your child learns best.


6. What does the student work look like?

Look around the classroom and ask to see multiple examples of homework assignments. Does the work look creative and inspired?


7. What are the discipline and homework policies?

Make sure you are comfortable with these policies and ask yourself if your child will be able to follow the rules and succeed.


8. What kinds of extracurricular classes are offered?

Find out the policy. Does every child participate or are they restricted to certain students? Consider whether the classes would interest your child.


9. Is the school accredited?

Look online to find out. Private schools get additional accreditation from organization like the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Association of Independent Schools.


10. What is the approach toward grades?

Does the school use letter grades, a point system, pass/fail, or narrative evaluations? Consider whether this approach will motivate your child to succeed. 


Looking for a list of St. Louis area schools? Click Here


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